About Me

image Little Bobby the budding artist – help from Photoshop 🙂 Hello fellow bloggy-sphere travelers. My little blog, barely 15 minutes old is already gaining traction in the WP realm I think (hope) and now I’ll say a few things about yours truly…

I’ve been a rather driven creative person all my life (since 1959 at least). My artistic output has certainly been up ‘n down which began early as all get out. I made a nice drawing in first grade that the teacher loved and she showed it in front of the class. This got my little art-ego all revved up for about 5 minutes until she said she liked it so much she was going to keep it and show it to her classes in the future. Little Bobby’s art ego got its first hard-knocks lesson 😦 . . . glory was quite fleeting! haha

Skipping through the years of extreme art low self-esteem and low self-confidence up-til college. I had no interest in any sort of major, but I thought maybe I could make it in art. Yeah, the low self esteem. My brain liked to make things not rote rote rote the books…

In college I found some awesome creative mentors strewn amongst the wreckage. So it got better and I found a rather all-encompassing interest in abstract art – which still is kinda fun y’all 🙂

Now… skip many, many years to right now! … there were galleries, shows, life stuff… now I’m ’bout 60 years past the little artist who could (for 10 minutes) and today I’m still full-tilt ahead with a brush!!

It’s a good thing, this creative thing. The path can be winding (will be) and rocky (will be), but there’s no other way for some of us!! So, back to the canvas with my brushes n colors! Well, first the cats need their din din… haha