Hurdy Gurdy Dream Reef


I’ve painted for over 30 years almost exclusively on wood. It made sense because I was making wall sculptures. Then I got a commission in 1996 and there was an ADA stipulation that it couldn’t protrude from the wall more than 4″. I was the safety coordinator at TTUSOA and really didn’t know about that! Well… another story that I probably won’t blog about. Ancient history.

I’d been creating wall sculptures with no regard for the z-sxis (the protrusion into the third dimension) except for design reasons. And as long as I could make each design hold together, it was good. But now it seemed, I was in a new design world. The 4″ restriction very much changed my whole approach (but I noticed that for Frank Stella it didn’t seem to create a ripple at all! Oh well. He made art for museums and I was happy to get art commissions here and there.

That’s what caused the big change for me in the first place. I got a commission for two wall pieces that had to comply with ADA. So, the designs really had to shrink a LOT along the z-axis. Where I had produced some wall sculptures that protruded out from the wall a foot or more, now that 4″ restriction changed my wall sculptures into bas-relief paintings, or 2-1/2D paintings!

Those first two commissions were really two wall sculptures that looked like they got run over by a truck. haha I was still creating in the “exploding” style I had been, with pieces blowing out from the center. Only now, with these two pieces, they weren’t blowing any more, except sideways!! haha I wasn’t laughing too much then, and I really delayed on those two commissions. I never got any more commissions from that company down in Houston. Can’t blame anyone but my own little self. Still, things really changed for me after that. It wasn’t the end of the wall sculptures, but the war was lost (in my mind). Perhaps the mind can trick an artist, or anyone. Ya think??

I’ll probably blog about this topic ad nauseum (hopefully there will be no hurlin’) but for now, I’ll just say that I finally got to the point that I was experimenting with almost flat art again, with just a whisper (just wanted to use that word) of any sort of bas-ness. haha

And this piece has the Z-none axis (none at all), other than the illusionistic spaces created by yours truly.

And black & white! I had a dream of an ALL black and white art show over 30 years ago. Still thinking about it.

This piece has so much going on. I kept working on it for quite a while and things would happen in my little world, which would show up. And now… do I mention them or what?

For this evening I’m done. I think this is a blather-post. May need to edit out a lotta lotta. THEN I might add-in some Hurdy Gurdy Dream Reef yadda yadda . . .

MESO “88” (presidential cream cone)

Meso “88”
abstract painting – synthetic polymer on canvas
30″x40″ ~ 2017

Thought it be time to insert another Abstract Painting by Robert Terrell acrylic painting on canvas 🙂 How’s that for a totally transparent plug for my artist website?? So… not sure where to go from here.

I just had to paint an object-like thing or two in this painting. I’ve hardly done that in many decades. So if you look (and not even too closely) there’s the trout with spots falling off, and several other recognizable and not quite recognizable somethings I painted into MESO “88.” I kind of let my artist’s OCD talent go too far perhaps ~ NOT! Oh I’m loving this one.

Anyway, I’ve really enjoyed painting all the B&W artworks quite a lot, and I’ve painted a few of them in the last three years. My first gallery “owner” Larry Kauffman told me don’t bother, he couldn’t sell B&W. He could really sell colorful art though. He started representing Hundertwasser, and I remember seeing his big wall covered in Hundertwasser prints, about, ohhh well smallish size less than 18″ and landscape format.

That was a wonderful wall to gaze upon, I gotta say! During that time, mid-1980s, I was making small wall sculptures, also less than 18″ in the long axis. I need to find an image of one of them… hang on …

wall sculpture - mini
Neptune’s Secret

I constructed and painted a lot of these during the 1980s and beyond. By the mid-1990s I was pretty much finished with them though I did morph this style into my long-time bas-relief painting style which Jim Howze called 2-1/2D ! haha

I’ll post more photos of the wall sculptures and the 2-1/2D revolution of the late 20th century soon.

I’ll end with a passage from Ecstatic Encounters by Allison Stanfield – Art Biz Coach:

“…the term “Ecstatic Encounter” was originally inspired
by a 2002 NPR interview with Frank Stella, who said that an encounter
with Barnett Newman’s paintings made him “ecstatic to be an artist.”

Swing Towne (max bling)

I was going to link this to my website: Abstract Painting by Robert Terrell but I kept having this issue and that, so this is the third pitch, and I’m not going to let it be a foul blog ball or a swing & a blog miss. But why do I use baseball analogies so much, when this is surely destined for art blog greatness? I dunno. But we’ll see what happens as time keeps on tripping… Just had to go with some outdated slang to date my own wee self…

Now . . . several hours later, success. Too Distant blog was linked to my brand sparkling new-ish website in a half-duplexxy fashion, you could say, if you were around in the early days of PCs. There is a blog link FROM the website to this blog, and NOW I have a menu link to the website home from here – Webite Home it be. It’s not way cool elegant, but I’m not really a way cool elegant artist and not really heading that direction with my art anyway, so why would this bother me? (but it still kinda does… oh well, onward I be a goin’ hahaha)

I like working on web ‘n interweb doodads like websites and bloggies (at least when things are moving along. But of course you can hear me howlin’ like a dire wolf when they aren’t!! But but but( three buts are a load of buts I know) – I am using this as an excuse not to be painting my loverly abstract paintings. Why my little brain begins to look for excuses not to do what brings such good and happy feelings I just don’t know.

Gotta push on out a here… I am determined to be using a brush on canvas tomorrow. Time for brushin’ and uh paintin’ once more. The wonderful discoveries of art await me. And I want the blog to be looking like a real adult sort of blog then, too.

People! Friends of WP! Now it’s Christmas Eve and I’ve been posting and website coding up a storm. Things are going well, I think. I only came back to this post to check on the image. I’d forgotten if it was a featured image or not. At first I wasn’t too clear about that little fun detail. Of course the featured image is a biggie big detail for li’l ole me.

So, have a great holiday season. And Merry Christmas to those of you who are Christmas aficionados. Ho Ho Ho I’m a big fan of outdoor lighting!! No big surprise I bet.