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a loverly rabbit-hole link back to my official (yes, that’s right!!) abstract painting website 🙂 OR… if you happen to be wearing ruby red slippers just click them and begin to chant “There’s no place like home . . . no place like home . . .

How’s that for mixing two magical book images into a happy, confabulated link back to my modern day non-objective (sort-of) website full of abstract paintings.

Just chant to yourself . . . there are no paintings of home … or horses, windmills , flowers. Let your mind flow free of “things.” All the doodads of this world.

But there might be ghostly images of bees buzzin’ round your hair hive or two. But that’d be the artist’s accidental dreamy inner self stopping by for a howdy do 🙂 Pollinating your world with his own mind-forms !! NO! Don’t let that happen!

Free your mind!